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Wholesale CBDA Isolate

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Our products undergo testing in accredited laboratories, ensuring they are free from banned substances and heavy metals.

Canapuff boasts a team of seasoned professionals specializing in cannabinoid production, equipped with the expertise and skills necessary to craft high-quality products. Canapuff implements rigorous quality checks and tests to guarantee the top-notch quality of their HHC products.

What Is CBDa Isolate?

CBDA, also known as cannabidiolic acid, is the acid precursor of CBD. CBDA is commonly found in hemp flower in high amounts and is a naturally occurring cannabinoid.

CBDa Isolate – Frequently Asked Questions:

Does CBDa Isolate Contain THC?

No, based on our third-party lab testing, our current batch of CBDA isolate is THC-free.

Is CBDa Isolate Available To Buy in Bulk?

Yes, our CBDa isolate is available to purchase for as little as a gram or up to whatever is needed. Please feel free to contact us if you do not see a quantity available that you are looking for.

What Is the Best Way To Use CBDa Isolate?

CBDa isolate can be utilized in several ways. The best way to use CBDa isolate depends on the consumer. The most popular way that we have heard customers use CBDa is through tinctures. The reason why is that when CBDa goes through the process of decarboxylation, it loses its acid group and converts into CBD.

How Should CBDA Isolate Be Stored?

CBDa should be contained in a container that seals tightly. It should also be stored in a cool and dark place. When not in use, it is recommended that CBDa be kept away from sunlight and excessive temperature and moisture changes in the environment.

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