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Our products undergo testing in accredited laboratories, ensuring they are free from banned substances and heavy metals.

Canapuff boasts a team of seasoned professionals specializing in cannabinoid production, equipped with the expertise and skills necessary to craft high-quality products. Canapuff implements rigorous quality checks and tests to guarantee the top-notch quality of their HHC products.

CBDH Isolate is a pure form of cannabidihydrocannabinol (CBDH) derived from hemp plants. This product is known for its exceptional purity, containing up to 99% CBDH without any traces of THC, terpenes, or other cannabinoids. CBDH Isolate is an ideal choice for those seeking pure and concentrated CBDH for therapeutic purposes or for creating their own products, such as tinctures, creams, or CBDH-infused foods. With its crystalline structure, it is easily dosable and soluble in oils or other carriers, making it a highly versatile product.

This product is popular among users who prefer maximum control over their CBDH intake, whether in terms of precise dosing or quality. CBDH Isolate is laboratory-tested to ensure its purity and safety, giving users confidence that they are receiving a high-quality product without unwanted additives. CBDH isolate is suitable for both beginners who are just getting acquainted with cannabidihydrocannabinol and advanced users who need a strong and pure product for specific needs.

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